Amphitheater Board

The Riverside Park Organizing Committee is a group who works to stimulate, promote, preserve and expand our social, historic, cultural and economic well-being through music and the arts in our community.


Rushville Amphitheater Board

Cain Grocox – President
Charlie Stout – Vice President
Carla Sharpe – Secretary
John McCane
John McCane – Treasurer
Kim Rathz – Green Room
1025 N. Main
Rushville, IN 46173
Peggy Stout – Green Room
Jemmy Miller – Parking
Gary Cameron – Security
 Jerry Bostic – Back Stage
Sandy Fussner – Member
Rhea Dawn Buckley – Member
John Beck – Member
Mike Pavey – Member
133 West First Street
Karina Binder – Member

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