Floodplain Information

The first new such documents for the county in 29 years came as the result of FEMA, DNR, and the county completing an extensive multi-year study of the area’s floodplains using state-of the-art technologies and risk-modeling techniques.

These flood insurance rate maps (FIRMs) identify property as having high, moderate or low flood risk. In addition to affecting property owners, FIRMs allow community planners, engineers, permit officials, builders and others to determine if, where and how new structures and developments should be built.

The finalized maps were adopted in 2012.

The Rush County project is part of FEMA’s larger effort to modernize the nation’s aging flood maps to reflect the most current flood risks and areas of recent growth.

If you have questions, contact Carmen Clark, Deputy Director, by email: depplandirector@cityofrushville.in.gov or765-932-3735 or visit the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Division of Water’s Web site at http://www.floodmaps.in.gov/  or contact the Indiana Department of Natural Resources Division of Water, 402 W. Washington St., Room W264, Indianapolis, IN 46204; call 317-232-4160 or 877-928-3755.

Flood Hazard Ordinance