Street Department


The Rushville Street Department maintains the city’s 32 miles of streets. The department employs nine full-time laborers and one mechanic and offers curbside recycling on Fridays, free heavy trash pick-up twice a year, a sidewalk program and Tox-A-Way Day the first Saturday of every month.

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Rushville Street Department 


Jemmy Miller, Street Commissioner
519 E. 9th Street
Rushville, IN 46173


Assistant Street Commissioner: Mike Land


A message from the Street Commissioner

The City of Rushville Street and Sanitation Department’s mission has been and will continue to be making Rushville a better place for current and future residents. Our employees strive to meet citizens’ needs through various programs implemented by both current and previous administrations.

We strive to meet our day-to-day responsibilities of repairing and sweeping 32 miles of streets, replacing sidewalks, snow removal, trash and yard waste removal, storm sewer maintenance, mosquito control and leaf pick-up. Beyond that, we take on other projects throughout the parks in an effort to control costs to local citizens, including construction of nature trails and paved walking trails, maintenance of buildings, construction of shelters and relocation of playground equipment. We pride ourselves on keeping a good working relationship with various boards and non-profit organizations as well as the citizens of Rushville.

Always feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns as we are here for you.

Jemmy Miller, Street Commissioner